What are some signs of road rage?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While driving on a highway or even a back road, you may notice someone behind you acting strangely.

When it comes to road rage, some drivers can cause car accidents and severe injuries all due to their anger. Learning some of the warning signs of road rage may help alert you to this behavior.

Short following distance

According to Psychology Today, one of the hallmarks of this kind of danger is a person following you too closely while he or she is behind you. This driver may swerve wildly or even cut off other cars that are in front or in the back of him or her.

This single-minded focus can leave you feeling nervous. Aggressive driving often leads to head-on collisions or other accidents, especially at lights or stop signs. Many times, a driver with road rage may not stop or slow down.

Loud noises

Repeated honking of a car’s horn or someone yelling out his or her car window will likely grab your attention. This person may angrily scream at you or even curse.

These gestures can intimidate and distract you from the road. If the situation escalates enough, the driver may even leave his or her car in order to physically harm you.

Breaking speed limits

Driving well over the speed limit is a sign of an aggressive driver. Sudden turns or risky bouts of acceleration in order to catch up to you can lead to a serious crash.

Merging into other lanes can also be difficult when someone is speeding and approaching you. You should stay vigilant for other drivers with road rage even when you do not expect it.