What do you know about spinal cord injury symptoms?

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Days after your car accident, you notice new injuries and discomfort. Does the pain you feel in your back indicate a spinal cord injury?

To better determine if the accident caused your pain, see what Mayo Clinic says about spinal cord injury symptoms. Get the facts on the matter, so you build a stronger case.

Common symptoms and signs

If you notice any of the following, inform your primary physician:

  • Loss of the ability to feel touch, heat or cold
  • Loss of mobility
  • Uncontrollable bladder or bowel movements
  • Trouble clearing lung secretions, breathing or coughing
  • Muscle spasms or excessive reflex action

A medical team may test you and gauge the severity of your spinal cord injury.

Emergency symptoms and signs

Pay close attention to the following emergency symptoms after your motor vehicle accident:

  • Weakened breathing
  • Severe pressure in your back, neck or head
  • Body paralysis or incoordination
  • Trouble walking or balancing
  • Poor sensation, pins-and-needles sensation or numbness in your extremities

You may also exhibit emergency spinal cord symptoms if you display a twisted or strangely positioned back or neck.

When to visit a health care facility

Even if you feel fine immediately after your car collision, have a doctor look you over for injuries. You may not become aware of a spinal cord injury. Chances of the harm becoming more severe increase the longer the injury goes unnoticed and unattended. You also risk paralysis and numbness the longer you wait to see a doctor. Another reason to seek prompt medical care is to receive treatment that may reduce your expected recovery time.

You cannot afford to take chances with your spinal cord. Knowing signs of injury protects your health and your legal rights.