How do you handle insured car repairs after an auto accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even a minor car accident may trigger various disruptions in your life. For instance, you must figure out where to have your vehicle repaired and whether insurance pays for it.

United Policyholder explores how to navigate motor vehicle repairs with insurance providers. Understand your rights and options as you attempt to recover from another driver’s negligent actions and build your legal case.

You have more auto shop options than you may realize

Do not think you have no choice but to take your vehicle to one of your coverage provider’s auto repair shops. Just because your insurance company prefers a shop does not mean the business does a great job. If you know a specific shop you like that does good work, you may take your vehicle there. Otherwise, see if friends, relatives, neighbors or coworkers have recommendations.

You must be careful about the parts the auto shop uses

Before dropping your vehicle off at your chosen auto shop, ask whether it uses Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or non-OEM parts. Then, ask which parts the shop recommends for your repairs. Usually, non-OEM parts suffice, but they may not if you have a high-end car. If the shop suggests OEM parts, or if you have a more expensive vehicle, you may demand your coverage provider pay for OEM components.

Your policy may cover a rental car

While waiting for repairs, your insurance could pay for a rental car. Check your policy for the daily rental car maximum, such as $20 or $25 a day. Just like repair shops, you may choose any rental vehicle you choose, not just those your insurer recommends.

You likely want to get back on the road ASAP after an accident. Taking your time and exercising your rights could help put you back in the same position you were in before the collision.