What are the telltale signs of nursing home abuse?

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The decision to move your loved one into a nursing home in Pennsylvania most likely followed lots of deep thought and sensitive conversation. Someone you love will now receive care from people you have never met before.

Knowing the telltale signs of nursing home abuse can help you safeguard your family member. Your vigilance can help you catch and report concerns before they escalate.

Visible mistreatment

Visible injuries, unexplained illnesses and malnutrition are some of the most common ways you can identify mistreatment. According to Healthcare Weekly, a staggering 54% of nursing home facilities across the nation have problems with abuse. Despite wanting to feel optimistic, acknowledging that there is always a risk might help you stay more vigilant.

If you notice suspicious injuries or your loved one continues to contract an illness, you should immediately report your concerns to staff management. If they ignore your concerns or provide baseless explanations, you might need to take your concerns and any evidence you have to a higher authority.

Changes in demeanor

Another warning sign of abuse is a sudden change in your loved one’s demeanor. Fear, anxiety, discomfort and manipulation might prevent your family member from disclosing abuse, but you can watch for signs including the following:

  • Disinterest
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Angry outbursts

Serious cases of abuse can impact your loved one’s independence, quality of life and life expectancy. Intervening at the right time can help prevent worse problems, but may require the help of other people including law enforcement and legal professionals. Your family member deserves compassionate treatment and you deserve the peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands.