What are the plans for improving nursing home safety?

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As more of the population ages and concern about the state of the nursing homes in the nation rise, the current administration turns its attention toward tackling these issues.

What are the proposed improvements coming up the pike? What issues with the current system do they intend to address?

The medical staffing crisis

The White House produced a fact sheet for the proposed changes to nursing homes across the nation. They acknowledge the major issues that plague nursing homes today, making them places that people fear to go. One recent study even linked suicide rates with elderly individuals finding out that they needed to transfer to long-term care.

Of course, one of the first things the administration addressed was the staffing crisis. The entire medical field currently suffers from an enormous deficit in employees, which causes the ones available to overwork and burn out, resulting in even more people quitting. Thus, the plan promises to focus on keeping nursing homes sufficiently staffed with trained individuals.

Informing the public

Next, the plan focuses on informing the public. Many people make poor decisions on who to trust with their loved ones simply because nursing homes can hide information and statistics from them. Under this plan, these homes would have a responsibility to remain transparent with their information.

Holding nursing homes accountable

Finally, nursing homes that perform poorly will get held to a higher standard of accountability. If they do not shape up and fix their issues, then they will lose access to taxpayer dollars. This provides a strong incentive for nursing homes to stay safe and high-quality for potential and current residents alike.