What are some traumatic brain injury signs you may not notice?

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After suffering from a fall or other kind of injury at work, you may not immediately notice all the signs of a traumatic brain injury.

Understanding more about this kind of injury and why it may escape your notice at first can help you if your daily life is full of stress and pain.

Changing sensory experiences

According to the Mayo Clinic, one way you may notice your brain injury worsening is feeling weakness in your hands or other limbs increasing. It may be harder for you to pick up items or move around without feeling dizzy.

You may also notice that your facial muscles are changing and you cannot feel the same sensations there as before. An injury closer to the lower end of your skull can lead to these complications.

Mental health struggles

If you are constantly struggling to remember events that happened recently, you may have a serious brain injury. Often, people who experience brain trauma can suffer from a change in cognitive thinking and their ability to make reasonable decisions.

This can lead to wildly varying emotions as time goes on, like an increase in depression and anxiety.

Communication issues

After a head injury, you find that it is hard to follow a conversation or pay attention to what people are saying to you. You could miss words while reading written letters or notes, and you may even struggle to speak clearly when talking to another person.

When considering what to do next after a fall, make sure to take into consideration the possibility that you could suffer from a traumatic brain injury.