What are some common driving distractions in the nighttime?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a driver tries to get to their destination on time, they may choose to travel overnight. However, these same people may not adjust how they drive based on how light or dark it is outside.

Serious collisions can happen at any time of the day and there are many reasons why nighttime driving is full of distractions.

Changing focus on other objects

According to the United States Department of Transportation, people who wear glasses may struggle if their prescription is not up to date. When the sun goes down, a driver’s range of vision can narrow even when they use headlights. They cannot see as far ahead of them, which means that any hesitation if another vehicle turns onto a road or swerves in front of them can lead to an accident.

When the area around someone is dark, small objects and distractions along the road can make it hard to keep their focus on the cars around them.

Increasing feelings of tiredness

When drivers do not get a proper night’s rest, a long road with no stops or turns can lull them into potentially relaxing enough to drift off to sleep. Not only can this make someone close their eyes, but it can also lead to them losing their grip on the steering wheel.

Issues with other bright lights

When oncoming headlights temporarily blind someone, it can make this person accidentally jerk the wheel around or slam the gas or brakes. These overwhelming lights could startle a driver who is not paying close attention to the people around them.

Other people’s unsafe driving could lead to an accident at night if they do not follow road rules and stay alert.