Have you seen these signs of nursing home neglect or abuse?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Nursing Home Injuries |

When evaluating the level of care your loved one receives in a nursing home, you may want to give more weight to what you observe versus what others say. The signs of nursing home neglect or abuse may come in many forms.

Having a general idea of what you should keep an eye out for will ensure your loved one continues life in a safe environment. Ask yourself these questions when visiting the nursing home.

Does your loved one have unexplained injuries?

A certain range of surface bumps and bruises come along with growing old. With skin becoming thinner, bruising may occur rather easily. Rashes can crop up in reaction to various chemicals or medications. However, injuries that go beyond this should cause you some concern. Pay close attention to a loss of range of motion, deep bruising and cuts that may indicate falls or mishandling.

Have you seen sores?

You want to pay close attention to the areas of your loved one’s body that remain in close contact with the bed or chair. If sores appear in these areas, they may become life-threatening. Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, erupt when blood pools for too long and kills off the skin. This is a sign that the staff is not moving your loved one enough.

Any other sign of distress in your loved one should raise concerns, including a change in temperament or personality. If anything seems not quite right about your loved one during visits, investigate further or seek the assistance of someone who can help.