Distracted driving: A continuing conundrum

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Distracted driving continues to be a clear and present danger. Countless drivers seem to be more interested in distractions from technology, eating, primping, and other activities instead of the road ahead of them. Even rideshare employees responsible for getting customers from place to place are susceptible to collisions. The problem is not going away and may require more versatile approach.

Are stricter distracted driving laws working?

According to police reports nationwide, eight percent or more than 3,000 people lost their lives in accidents caused by distractions in 2020. The challenges in identifying specific distractions playing a role in crashes means that the number may be much larger.

Making laws more stringent and increasing enforcement continues, but the effectiveness is in question. A more ground-level approach could be more effective, tasking friends and family to motivate more attentive driving while leaving distracting devices alone. Drive Smart, in particular, provides a pact with teenage drivers and their parents where they agree to sidestep distracted driving.

Cutting-edge features to keep eyes on the road

Drivers surveyed claimed to support Do Not Disturb features on their phones. However, only 20 percent of iPhone users activate it as part of initially activating their smartphones due to potential reluctance in restricting certain functions that may be important. More robust features can help alleviate the concern. In addition to launching when a user is driving, settings can notify when selected contacts send urgent messages

Manufacturers of motor vehicles combined with operating system designers are finding new ways to overcome the challenges of driving while distracted. Features such as Siri and Google assistant can be activated by the driver’s voice.

As distracted driving continues to be a problem without a unified solution, motor vehicle accidents will continue due to a variety of factors and change, if not end lives.