How can I judge the quality of a nursing home?

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When age-related infirmities do not allow your parent to live alone, moving your loved one to a nursing home may be the next move. While a nursing home should be a safe place for residents, some suffer harm due to negligence.

Sometimes a nursing home presents signs that it may not take proper care of its seniors. Here are some things to observe if you investigate a nursing home to judge its suitability for your family member.

The nursing home staff

The demeanor of the people working at the home may tell you if the workers enjoy interacting with the residents or if they just see them as problems to deal with. Home residents have rights, so nursing home staffers should treat them with dignity and respect.

The qualifications of the workers are also important. Staffers and administrators should have experience and education for senior care. You may also ask how and when workers are available to feed, clothe or give medical treatment to seniors.

The residents

The current residents of the home can also indicate whether the home provides proper care. You may observe that they are content and comfortable, and some of them may speak well of the home. Visitors to the home could also attest to its quality.

However, you might pick up on troubling signs. Residents may appear unkempt or underdressed. There might not be adequate socialization opportunities for residents. Some seniors might complain about their situation or appear withdrawn and distressed.

Even something as simple as not finding a posting of the rights of residents anywhere in the home could be a troubling sign. Be observant for anything that gives off warning signs that a home might neglect your loved one.