The long-term costs of traumatic brain injury

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After suffering a traumatic brain injury, the effects and cost of the injury quickly reveal themselves.

Along with the initial psychological toll, emergency visit, and hospitalization, an injured person also faces rehabilitation and a lifetime loss of quality of life. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, direct and indirect TBI-associated costs add up to $76.5 billion annually in the United States.

The loss of potential pay

After suffering a TBI, people often never return to their old selves. The associated symptoms, such as a loss of cognitive and motor functions, may mean the inability to return to work or having to find a lower-paying job. Depending on the severity, it may also mean the family members and caregivers must miss school or work, further adding to the costs.

The need to modify a home

From vision impairment to the inability to balance correctly, people with a TBI frequently require devices and equipment to even navigate around the house. Depending on the home, that may require spending a decent amount of money on remodeling to accommodate a loved one.

The mental health challenges

As a result of brain damage, many people no longer have the same personality. With all of the extra stress of not being oneself, it easily leads to developing a host of mental issues, such as anxiety and depression. The sudden and severe effects also make a person with TBI more prone to substance abuse issues.

Any TBI comes with upfront costs and changes. Unfortunately, a severe injury means paying for the accident for the rest of one’s life.