What does it cost to raise a child with a birth injury?

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Little compares with the joy of welcoming a baby into the world. For some parents, an error during the birthing process causes an injury that overshadows the moment.

While the emotional toll of infant harm is immeasurable, the financial burden can be equally devastating. Parents of compromised newborns must prepare to handle the oncoming fiscal responsibility.

Medical expenses

Raising a child with a significant health challenge typically requires extra doctor consultations, hospital stays, surgeries and medication. The total for these bills can quickly accumulate, even with insurance coverage. Consider the price of hospitalization. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services finds that the average cost of being in the hospital for just three days is approximately $30,000.

Therapy and rehabilitation

Many children with birth injuries need physical, occupational or speech therapy to reach their full potential. Treatments help them overcome physical and developmental challenges. Unfortunately, sessions are also pricey.

Adaptive equipment

Depending on the nature of the birth injury, parents may see fit to invest in adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, braces or communication devices. The right tools enhance independence and mobility, yet they are often expensive.

Residential modifications

Parents sometimes renovate their homes to ensure safe and accessible environments for their precious ones. Potential changes include ramps, wider doorways and custom bathrooms. Caretakers should expect home improvement projects like these to run a pretty penny.

Fiscal resources are available to parents of children who sustain birth injuries, including government assistance programs and nonprofit organizations. Pursuing these avenues may reduce some of the financial strain.