Construction Zone & Hazardous Road Accidents

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A Rough Road

Roads, intersections and highways need proper maintenance. This includes reasonable and proper signs and markings that are clearly visible. In addition, barriers and guardrails need to be installed when the conditions require them. If they are not, improper maintenance can allow for ice collection or the obstruction of drivers’ seeing ability. While the majority of auto accidents are due to negligent drivers, poor road conditions can also cause accidents. Poor work zone maintenance, badly designed roadways and dangerous physical debris can result in serious or even fatal injury.

What You Can Do

If you were injured in an auto accident because of road conditions, you may be able to pursue a civil suit against the proper municipal entity. Pursuing a civil suit against a municipal entity or entities requires comprehensive knowledge and experience. With more than a quarter century of experience, this is what we provide to clients.

Our attorneys are ready to bring the approach that has obtained tens of millions for clients to work on any road-related accident, including those involving:

  • Missing or poorly placed road signs
  • Improperly maintained traffic signals
  • Sharp curves without warnings
  • Uneven pavement
  • Sudden lane detours
  • Trees or bushes obscuring signs
  • Poorly placed utility poles
  • Sudden shoulder drop-offs
  • Missing or poorly designed guardrails or lane dividers
  • Poorly marked or designed construction zones
  • Large potholes
  • Accumulating water, snow or ice

Find Out How We Can Help

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