Property Owners Have A Duty To Protect Children From Hazards

Under the “attractive nuisance” doctrine of premises liability, a person doesn’t have to invite children onto their property to engage in dangerous activities in order to be liable. Owners can be liable for injuries children sustain on their property when they’re not even home if the owner had been aware that children could be attracted by something on their property but did nothing to limit access.

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Examples Of ‘Attractive Nuisances’

Anything on a person’s property that could reasonably cause harm to a child might qualify as an attractive nuisance. Some common examples include:

    • Swimming pools
    • Machinery
    • Railroad tracks
    • Construction sites
    • Tunnels like wells or drainage systems
    • Easily accessible roofs

Children don’t fully comprehend the dangers they face when they trespass on property to investigate something they find interesting. Therefore, it’s property owners’ duty to secure their premises and potentially dangerous items so that children aren’t able to harm themselves.

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