Did A Doctor Cause Brain Injury During Labor And Delivery?

If you were expecting to bring home a healthy baby, the news of your newborn’s brain injury could turn your world upside down. If the injury happened because of the negligence of medical staff, you deserve justice. Their failure can mean heartbreak and lifelong medical expenses for your family.

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How Brain Injuries Occur In Childbirth

During delivery, there are several ways that medical negligence can lead to a baby’s brain injury.

  • Lack of oxygen: A baby can be deprived of oxygen in many ways during the birthing process. For example, if the umbilical cord gets pinched or folded, it cuts off the baby’s oxygen supply from the mother. It’s the duty of medical professionals to notice such problems and respond to them appropriately and promptly.
  • Physical damage: If a doctor exerts too much force on a baby during the birthing process — often through the use of forceps or a vacuum — this can cause brain damage.
  • Infection: Certain maternal infections can affect brain development in a baby. If a doctor fails to monitor a mother’s health before the baby is born, the baby can suffer brain damage as a result.

While short-term oxygen deprivation may not always lead to permanent brain damage, other types of brain injuries can and do. Babies who are born with brain injuries can suffer myriad effects from the damage, including cerebral palsy, developmental delays and behavioral issues. If the brain damage could have been prevented with appropriate, attentive medical care, you deserve compensation. We can help.

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