Misreading Diagnostic Scans Can Be Malpractice

X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and other imaging technology are often the key information doctors use to diagnose a patient or formulate a treatment plan. With so much riding on the outcome of these scans, it’s essential that medical professionals interpret these scans correctly. When they fail to identify a mass, a fracture or another abnormality, there can be dire consequences for the patient.

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Some Mistakes Are Bigger Than Others

Human error is a fact of life. But when a human error results in a missed diagnosis that could result in worsened health or even death, you can’t just shrug it off. Some films are harder to read than others. But it’s the job of medical professionals to interpret what they see correctly and translate that information into an appropriate diagnosis.

Two medical professionals are usually involved with the process of imaging scans: a primary doctor and a radiologist. Either or both could be responsible when a condition is misdiagnosed or missed altogether. Those professionals, in turn, may be employees of the hospital, members of a radiology practice or independent practitioners.

Misread Films And Radiology Errors

Obviously, you can’t see into your body with the naked eye. Radiology scans are sometimes the only way to visualize what’s going on inside your body. And doctors are the only ones who can interpret the results correctly. Sometimes the malpractice occurs in faulty communication between the lab tech and the radiologist, the radiologist and the physician, or the physician and the patient. When the medical professionals fail in their duty, patients shouldn’t have to pay the price.

Talk To A Lawyer About What Happened

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