What Happens If The Person Who Hit Me Doesn't Have Insurance?

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What You Should Know About The Two Types Of Insurance

Pennsylvania requires drivers to maintain a minimum amount of insurance. Unfortunately, there will always still be some drivers who drive without insurance. If that’s the person who crashes into you, you have a few options.

  • No-fault insurance. If you have no-fault insurance, this means that your own insurance will pay for the injuries of you and your passengers. The driver who caused the crash will see a spike in their premiums, but will not be held liable for damages and injuries. This type of insurance is intended to facilitate the compensation process and minimize litigation.
  • At-fault insurance. If you have this type of insurance, you will have to sue the other driver for compensation for injuries and lost wages. If the other driver has no insurance or not enough insurance, this is where uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance (UM/UIM) comes in handy. This type of insurance can be added on to your policy, and will cover the expense of an accident that’s not covered by the other driver’s low or nonexistent car insurance policy.

You choose either no-fault or at-fault insurance when you buy or renew your existing insurance.

For insurance purposes, a hit-and-run accident is treated as though the at-fault driver was uninsured. That is, you would look to your own insurance plan for coverage.

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