Did Medical Negligence Cause Your Baby’s Birth Injury?

We understand that a birth injury or birth defect is a frightening, emotional experience for a family to face. During this difficult time, you need an advocate to explain your rights and review the medical records so you can understand what happened. Even if you are not sure that malpractice occurred, it is important to speak with a lawyer.

Anticipating The Long-Term Needs Of Caring For A Child Born With Disabilities

Recovering damages from medical malpractice is something you must do to cover the cost of the lifetime of medical care and special services your child will require. Without adequate financial compensation, it is nearly impossible to afford the cost of caring for a severely injured child. Health insurance will not be enough. Your family will also need compensation for the wage and benefits losses you experience. Talk to the legal team at Shelly Law Offices, LLC, today to learn how we can help.

Fighting For Pennsylvania Families

A birth injury is a difficult start to a young life. We will work with experts such as economists, physicians and life-care planners to accurately calculate the lifetime cost of your child’s medical care and educational needs. Depending on the severity of the injury, this amount may easily exceed $1 million.

You can come to our firm with birth injury cases that involve brain injuries from forceps use or lack of oxygen, complications resulting from a C-section, pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, shoulder dystocia/Erb’s palsy, injuries to the mother, cerebral palsy, umbilical cord compression or other various obstetrical complications.

Our experienced birth injury attorney will treat your family with compassion as we work with you to obtain the compensation you need. You can rely on us for support and advocacy.

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